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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
11:59 am - MxM

Received Moi Dix Mois today.
It's awesome. If you take out the sissy parts of Malice Mizer, then add some Guitar/Drum parts that almost sound like Cradle of Filth, you get MXM. This is, of course, Mana's new band.
The vocalist sounds like a cross of Gackt and Klaha, leaning more towards Klaha. Awesome!

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
11:18 am - New Acquisition

Got a new J CD in the mail today.
Hide's Ja,Zoo. Listening to it now.
Impressions posted later.

Still waiting for Moi Dix Mois

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003
3:51 pm - Welcome to J Crackers

Okay, I did it. I started a community where we can chat about J-Rock, Asian Movies, Pocky and Anime...Oh, and Godzilla of course.

I even made Wallpaper for this Joint.

Let's get the ball rolling...
Why did they put such a poor mix of Pervery Mound on Heavy Metal 2000?

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