Hybrid Stigmata (hybridstigmata) wrote in j_crackers,
Hybrid Stigmata

Welcome to J Crackers

Okay, I did it. I started a community where we can chat about J-Rock, Asian Movies, Pocky and Anime...Oh, and Godzilla of course.

I even made Wallpaper for this Joint.

Let's get the ball rolling...
Why did they put such a poor mix of Pervery Mound on Heavy Metal 2000?
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Schweet community... nice background too.

I can't really say I've seen Heavy Metal 2000... I'll watch it and get back to you..

Until then... kawaii!
I don't know if it appears in the actual film.
On the Soundtrack, though...
Interesting, well I'll rent the movie, and perhaps give the soundtrack a listen...

Oh and another thing... have you eaten those white rabbit candies??? Man the japanese sure know how to make milk flavored candy and rice paper addictive...
White Rabbit? Never heard of it. I'll keep an eye out next time I'm at Pocky Pocky.
Heh, they're also at T&T markets... good place for asian candy